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April 24, 2023

 (Atlanta, GA)  --  After re-entering the music industry with "The Sarah Project" in 2019, Ann G has continued to follow up with her “R&B Beatbox” style.  Her tracks consist 100% of human sounds created by her. She writes, records, produces, engineers and mixes most of the music herself. In “Butterfly Season” the sounds are  indiscernible from real instruments unless you know what you're listening for. A “flute” riffs through the track with the air and movement of an actual wind instrument though the performance is of course vocal. “Butterfly Season" conveys the message that real relationships shouldn’t define their level of love by the butterfly feeling because that comes and goes, making that constant feeling an unrealistic standard to hold.

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CLICK TO HEAR Ann G's new single, "Butterfly Season"

About Ann G

As a former Atlantic Records artist, Ann G released two projects ("On a Mission" and "From the Heart"). The first album produced the single "If She Knew" which landed at #16 on the Billboard R&B chart. Upon leaving Atlantic and moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles, Ann G worked behind the scenes songwriting with Sony/ATV, vocal producing and vocal coaching. She eventually delved deeper into the business side of things developing talent and procuring major label deals for a few artists.


She never lost her fire for creativity, especially her love for a good vocal arrangement. She started recording covers using only her voice and a mic. Ann G remembers thinking at first, "I'm not 20 something anymore and this is not something that easily fits into any radio format so what am I doing?" Her next thought was, "Wait...this is a different day in music. It's good and bad. The bad is that it's harder than it was back in the day to secure the bag if that's what you're after. The good is that if you make good music, you don't have to be the standard, mainstream artist. You can just put your art out there for people who appreciate it and are moved by it...if that's what you're after."


Ann G recently returned to reside in Atlanta where she originally began her music career. She says she loves the contrast after having lived in LA. She reflects, “My ATL lifestyle is more stripped-down, simpler…more focused on the “real stuff”…a perfect analogy for where the music is for me right now.”

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